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Africa Centre for Energy Policy, Ghana

Address : Avenue D, Hse. No. 119 D, North Legon P.O. Box CT 2121 Cantonments, Accra


Contact : (+233) 302 900 730


Oil and Gas, Energy policy, Advisory, Mining, Natural Resources

About Company

The Africa Centre for Energy Policy was established in 2010 registered in Ghana under the Companies Registration Code with registration number CG044282013. It is also registered as not-for-profit organization with number DSW15703. ACEP is an African energy policy think tank, an advisory based organization working with partners around the World and especially in Africa to harness the potential of Africa’s vast energy resources (oil, gas and renewable) for the accelerated development of the Continent. The Centre recently added mineral policy to its portfolio following the demand by stakeholders to expand our reach to helping address the problems facing Africa’s mining sector

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