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ECG constructs two substations

Aug 15
09:08 2014

The Accra West Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has completed two primary substations to augment power supply in the region and its environs.

In addition, a live line technology to enable the company to work on its overhead lines without putting off power supply has also begun operation.

The two substations located at Gbawe-Jaman and Awudome were constructed at the cost of 2.3 million euros and $4.0 million, respectively, while the live line technology cost $434,640.

The Awudome Substation will serve Industrial Area and its surroundings, Abossey Okai and part of Agbogbloshie, while the Gbawe Substation serves Gbawe, Mallam and Jaman.

Scope of work

Mr Delali Oklu, the acting General Manager for Accra West, explained during an inspection by some officials of the company that the two substations, which had already begun operation, would reduce overloading and system losses, improve power supply and make the needed capacity available for current and future load demands in the region.

The works on the two substations, Mr Oklu stated, included the construction of a new control building, installation of two by 20/26 mega volt ampere transformers and 11-kilo volt indoor switch gears.


“The construction of this substation was aimed at improving electricity supply quality and reliability to all the areas connected to the substation and providing more capacity for future loads”, he stated.

Demand for power supply increases by 10 per cent annually in the country but with improved and reliable power supply, Mr Oklu said he was confident that the company could also generate more revenue.

He added that the live line equipment would ensure reliable supply of power because maintenance works on the overhead lines could be done at all voltage levels without putting off the supply. He also said the live line work equipment was being handled by well-trained staff.

Source; Graphic Online

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